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Supporting Health businesses for Health Insurance Associations and Local Government

We provide various types of support for the PDCA in health services based on our database of receipt data including paper and image receipts, medical examination data, and ledger data, etc. We start from data analysis of actual conditions such as medical cost analysis by comparison with other insurers and extraction of high-risk persons, etc. We then carry out detailed consulting, create detailed reports and notifications to individuals utilizing our know-how, and verify the effects based on data. In this way, we are able to realize highly effective health services.

Health business support content

At JMDC, we provide a variety of support in the PDCA cycle of health businesses.

1.Planning/analyzing effectiveness of health business

We provide continuous support from the planning to effect analysis stages of health businesses.

2. Approach to workplaces

Visualize data for creating a system involving the workplace and develop collaborative health.

3. Approach to individuals

Develop individual approaches that lead to behavioral transformation through accurate targeting and predicting effects. In addition, we support the evaluation of health services through verification of effectiveness.

Analysis tool that supports health businesses

“Raku-Raku Kensuke” is a web-based support tool for smoothly promoting PDCA in health services. It was designed with the concept of reducing the workload on health insurance personnel.

Customizable free analysis

With “Raku-Raku Kensuke,” you can freely create various customized materials to suit the insurer’s situation.

One-touch report creation

The system enables one-touch analysis required for health services, contributing to reduction of work burden.

Easy creation of standard reports

Reports to be submitted to the board of directors can be easily created for each theme.

Statistical prediction model using JMDC’s proprietary big data

カラダの年齢 健康年齢Statistically determine how old your body is, using the results of your health checkup. This statistical model was developed based on medical examination and receipt data for 1.6 million people, and is used in various situations such as when notifying the results of health checkups and calculating life insurance rates.

The age of your body

Statistical prediction model using JMDC’s proprietary big data

Notification of medical examination results from a Kenko Nenrei perspective

We deliver medical examination results based on our proprietary comprehensive index “Kenko Nenrei”. In addition to making people aware of their health, Kenko Nenrei encourages transformation of behavior through advice about improvements.

The only consultation recommendation utilizing Kenko Nenrei

“Would you like to measure your Kenko Nenrei?” Consultation recommendations with a completely new perspective. It encourages repeat visits for subjects to measure their Kenko Nenrei regularly.

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