• Jan.Incorporation: Established head office in Nakano-ku, Tokyo
  • Apr.Relocation of head office to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Began medical-related Internet questionnaire survey business
  • Sept.Formulation of JMDC Personal Information Protection Policy
  • Dec.Start of sales of DB Quick Analysis (QA) to pharmaceutical companies
  • MayFormulation of Information Security Policy
  • Sep.Revision of JMDC’s proprietary Personal Information Protection Policy (Rules)
  • Aug.Start of sales of DB P-MarketBase (PMB) to pharmaceutical companies
  • Nov.Start of sales of DB D-MarketBase (DMB) to pharmaceutical companies
  • Apr.Transfer of Internet Questionnaire Survey Business (e-BIZ business) for pharmaceutical companies
  • MayStart of sales of Health Care Insight (HCI) prescription analysis tool for health insurance cooperatives
  • Jul.Start of service for Generic 20 (HCG) support tool to promote generic drug usage
  • Oct.Start of sales of medical DB Patient-Track System (PTS) for pharmaceutical companies
  • Jun.Start of sales of a “Pep ! eco-recipe” ( recipes for metabolic syndrome )
  • Apr.Start of medical certificate standardization service for life insurance companies
  • Aug.Start of sales of medical DB JMDC Data Mart (JDM) for pharmaceutical companies
  • Apr.Start of policy holder information provision service for health insurance cooperatives
  • Aug.Privacy Mark (JIS Q 15001: 2006) certification registratio
  • Apr.Start of sales of Kenjo health business support tool for insurers and business operators
  • Jun.Start of sales of JMDC Data Mart Pharmacovigilance (JDM-PV) web tool for the pharmaceutical safety/epidemiology sector
  • Jan.Start of sales of Kenjo Plus health business support tool
  • MayRelocation of head office to Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Jun.Conversion of Health Data Platform Inc. to subsidiary
  • Mar.Receipt of top award in Open Innovation Business Contest held by NTT Data Corporation
  • Jan.Receipt by JMDC and Health Data Platform Inc. of Grand Prix award in Product/Service Category of exhibitor awards at Data Health and Prevention Service Fair
  • Apr.Acquisition of all shares of Doctornet Inc. and conversion to subsidiary
  • May.Conversion of UNIKE SOFTWARE RESEARCH CO., LTD. to subsidiary
  • Jul.Change of trade name from Japan Medical Data Center Co., Ltd. to JMDC Inc.
  • Nov.Absorption of Health Data Platform Inc. by JMDC in merger
  • Dec.Acquisition of all shares of Clintal Inc. by JMDC and conversion to subsidiary
  • Mar.Acquisition of all holdings of Medical Image Communications Limited by group company Doctor-NET Inc. and conversion to subsidiary
  • Apr.Acquisition of Clintal Inc. by JMDC through merger

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