Management Team

President and CEO | Matsushima Yosuke
President and CEO
Matsushima Yosuke
After working in fields such as product development at Dai-ichi Life Insurance, engaged in consulting work at A.T. Kearney and McKinsey & Company. Engaged in investment at MKS Partners and Marunouchi Capital, the pioneers of buyout funds. In 2012, joined the Noritsu Koki Group, and in 2013 became Vice President and COO of Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd. Vice President and COO. From 2018, became the President and CEO of JMDC.
Executive Vice President and CFO | Yamamoto Yuta
Vice President and CFO
Yamamoto Yuta
Experienced consulting at Boston Consulting Group. After undergoing legal training (registered as a lawyer in 2014), joined the Noritsu Koki Group in 2012, and in 2015 became Director and CFO of Noritz Koki. In 2013, was appointed as a director of JMDC and in 2019 became CFO.
COO | Sugita Reimu
Sugita Reimu
After training at NTT Medical Center Tokyo and the University of Tokyo Hospital, joined a domestic consulting company that tackles social issues. Later, after earning an MBA from Duke University Business School, joined Boston Consulting Group. Established Clintal Co., Ltd. in 2015 with the idea of better medical care for patients. In 2018, became COO as Clintal became a subsidiary of JMDC.
Executive Officer | Kodaira Norihisa
Executive Officer
Kodaira Norihisa
After working at Bristol-Myers Squibb, worked on statistical services planning and sales department management at IMS. Later, oversaw the launch of a new business at Johnson & Johnson and joined Japan Medical Data Center Co., Ltd. in 2004.
Executive Officer | Komai Shunsuke
Executive Officer
Komai Shunsuke
After working at McKinsey & Company, joined Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan, a governmental corporate revitalization fund. Engaged in a revitalization project for Hokuriku’s largest leisure facility, Shibamasa World, etc. In 2014, became President of the catalog mail order company FEED for dental clinics. Incumbent since 2019.
Executive Officer | Honma Nobuo
Executive Officer
Honma Nobuo
Gained consulting experience in the marketing field working at Dentsu Consulting. Joined the Boston Consulting Group in 2013 as a principal and core member in the insurance and financial practice and engaged in medium-term plan formulation, sales and channel strategy, new product development, new business development/alliance promotion, branding, business expense streamlining, group company management, and other wide-ranging projects within the life insurance industry. Assumed current position in 2020.
Executive Officer | Noguchi Ryo
Executive Officer
Noguchi Ryo
Worked as a core member of healthcare practice area at the Boston Consulting Group and covered multiple sectors including biopharma, medtech and providers. After joining the Noritsu Koki Group in 2016, worked as CEO of a genetic testing company and a bioventure focusing on regenerative medicine. Joined JMDC as an executive officer in 2020.
株式会社JMDC CDPO 足立昌聰
Adachi Masatoshi
After undergoing legal training, he joined Jones Day Law Office in 2011. After joining the Japan Patent Office of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, he established and headed Inhouse-Hub Tokyo Law Office. In 2018, he joined LINE Corporation and LINE Healthcare Corporation as Security & Privacy Counsel, working in the areas of data privacy and data security. He has been a director of Japan Registered Information Security Specialists’ Association. Assumed current position in 2021.
Executive Officer
Hamada Takayuki
At a major securities firm, he was engaged in financial product design using financial engineering. After working as COO of a business analytics firm, he joined Boston Consulting Group as Managing Director and Partner of their data science organization, where he was responsible for developing data strategies for various industries, supporting digital transformation, executing analytics measures, and developing new businesses. Assumed current position in 2022.

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