Big Data (Medical Field)

New solutions utilizing the real world data

From R&D to post-marketing for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, we provide optimal solutions using the JMDC Claims Database. Going forward, we will expand the range of solutions we can provide by increasing the amount and type of data.

Epidemiological big data service provided by JMDC

WEB tool service
Internet access type web tool service that can be used by pharmaceutical companies for everything from drug discovery to post-marketing

  • JMDC Data Mart full package
  • JMDC Data Mart Light
  • JMDC Data Mart P-Market PLUS
  • JMDC Data Mart Pharmacovigilance
Analytic services
Support for building evidence using the JMDC Claims Database, from marketing needs to academic evidence creation

  • Feasibility checks
  • Requirements definition support
  • Procedure plans
  • Creating specifications
  • Performing statistical analysis work
  • Creating reports
Raw data provision services
JMDC Claims Database offers a full DB access license or access licenses by field

  • Case definition support
  • Data extraction
  • Creating matching groups
Publication support service
Supports sending out knowledge obtained through the JMDC Claims Database

  • Abstract for congress presentations
  • Posters
  • Making PowerPoints
  • Supports making data into papers (outsourced by JMDC)

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